A spectacular event ESSENS Grand Opening Chateau de Frontiere took place on Saturday, 16th of June 2018 at the Border Chateau in Hlohovec. We welcomed hundreds of Club ESSENS Members from 8 different European countries and from Russia.

The official program was launched by the speech from the ESSENS owner, Mr. Michal Kovář, under whose direction the whole Border Chateau complex underwent significant and extensive reconstruction. His goal was to preserve this remarkable architectural monument in its charming beauty for the next generation and to create a pleasant environment not only for Club ESSENS Members, but also for a wide public. The program was prepared in such a way that all guests could have a good time, look around the whole chateau complex and enjoy a relaxed atmosphere. Catering was provided by the renowned hotel´s chef, Mr. David Viktorin, and in addition to excellent food and drink, everyone could enjoy a rich accompanying program, such as chain carousel, Czech traditional market, popular smile box, pool and many others. A live band was playing during the whole event and fully enhanced friendly and relaxed atmosphere.

All the guests could take part of planting of the tree of significance Sophora Japonica, planted in the name of Liechtenstein family to commemorate the 200th anniversary of the chateau and it´s festive reopening after extensive reconstruction. During the reconstruction there was also a restoration of the border stream, then dividing the Moravian and Austrian sides, and both these important events were immortalized on the commemorative plaques and will carry out a historical message for the next generations.

Finally, we would like to add, that as from now the Border Chateau is fully engaged in active ESSENS life. In the upcoming season, there will be company seminars for leaders or social events for all distributors, such as ESSENS Grand Opening has undoubtedly been. We hope that everyone had a fantastic time and could bring to their thousand miles faraway homes many unforgettable memories.